Our Services

DM Logistics provide reliable and timely service to all parts of the world with our experienced and qualified team based on long year’s presence in the sector.


DM Logistics has outstanding experience with expedited shipments. We totally understand importance of such loads to be delivered on-time. We use our own assets and dedicated carriers in order to show the best service right where and when you need it.

Dedicated Fleet

Being asset-based, DM World Logistics LLC provides robust transportation solutions for all our client's shipping needs. Our logistics teams provide contracted capacity with sustainable fulfillment and service levels unmatched in the markets today. We use these resources to satisfy needs of customers by creating unique dedicated solutions for each of them assuming efficiency, risk management and responsibilities.

Full truckload

DM Logistics has massive truckload network and contracted capacity. Any truckload can be moved in the shortest time frame without losing service quality. DM Logistics does its best to have available capacity all over the U.S. to be able to have available capacity both for spot market and dedicated lanes.


LTL service provides solutions for partial loads. LTL takes only some part of the trailer, nevertheless, we treat each shipment as something very valuable, regardless of the size. Here at DM Logistics we make sure that shipments are combined in the most effective way and delivered right when needed.


Refrigerated freight are very essential and should be treated with more care than any others. Moreover, such loads are time sensitive. Therefore, we use more than 500 contracted carriers to ensure on time pickup and delivery of these important shipments.


DM Logistics utilizes different types of equipment including specialized. Contracted flatbed capacity allows to haul any freight. You have freight? We have solution!

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